01 LED Binary Watch

This may be the ultimate geek watch. Blue LEDs? Check. Binary watch? Check. Exposed circuit board face? Check! When robots eventually take over (and of course, they inevitably will), this is the watch they’ll be wearing. The most nerd-tastic watch out there? Quite possibly.

Tokyo Flash Pleasure Seeker

So this is a Tokyo Flash Watch for the promiscuous sci-fi geek ladies out there. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m sure there’s at least one or two somewhere. It’s called the “Pleasure Seeker” because, like the Pimp watch by TokyoFlash, it can flash all the LEDs at once: press the button on the side, and it’ll flash three times a minute for 12 minutes. This is supposedly to show that the lady is in ‘pleasure seeking’ mode… Ahem.

12-5-9 Japanese LED Watch

I own this exact watch, and the best thing isn’t even the bonkers flashing/scrolling LED thing it does when you push the button (to show the time). Or the standard 12-5-9 digits it uses to display the time. It’s the fact that the numbers next to the LEDs are all in Japanese/Kanji! So it looks ultra-ultra-geek. Very cool indeed.

12-5-9 Blue LED Watch

This was the first real geek watch that I bought, from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. It’s a classic – smart and subtle, but very cool when people notice and ask how it works. A red LED version is available too, but for some reason is more expensive.

01 TheOne Binary Watch

There are myriad ‘binary’ style watches available; this is one of the classier designers. Although many of these kinds of LED watches should be big and flashy, I prefer the binary ones to stick with the idea of binary: simple and clean.