Gamma Ray Green – TheOne

One of my favourite watches by TheOne, the Gamma Ray is one of the easier geek watches to read (the lights behave like arms), but it doesn’t lose any of the geek-factor. Features the date too, which is always a bonus.

Yamanote Line Massive Watch

Named after the famous loop train line in Tokyo, the Yamanote line, this watch is nuts. Look how frickin’ massive it is! I have absolutely no idea how to tell the time, but the sheer size and Tokyo connection makes it very, very cool. Can I have one please?

12-5-9 Blue LED Watch

This was the first real geek watch that I bought, from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. It’s a classic – smart and subtle, but very cool when people notice and ask how it works. A red LED version is available too, but for some reason is more expensive.

Tokyo Flash Watch: “Pimpin”

My favourite of all the Tokyo Flash watches. It’s fairly readable (as far as their stuff goes), looks awesome, and the black strap adds some elegance and class (to a big flashing watch!).